Getting Started…

“If you don’t stand for anything, you fall for everything”

Getting started is really difficult. How to start? Where to start? When to start?-with these inhibitions, I start this new venture of mine. I love to write whatever I think. Recently, my peculiar talent was given a name- ‘impulsive writing’. Whatever name others may describe it, I love it anyway. That’s what made me to create this blog. I don’t know where this venture is going to take me. I don’t care whether this is going to get me a job or not. This is like talking to my other self. So I don’t want it to be measured in terms of it’s outcomes. I’ll keep on filling this page with my thoughts, neither centralizing it around my studies, career nor my life. I want to keep a record of all the emotions through words. And I wish to continue it forever because not only my inhibitions had put me down from doing this but also my laziness. If you are reading this, please comment on things where I go wrong. That will help me a lot to nourish my dreams and passion.