I am not a massive thinker!

Things are getting harder. Thousands of thoughts are pooled into my mind. Prioritizing them is difficult than it seems. Blogging is one of my favourite thing. But sequencing my jobs is getting “mission impossible” now a days. People say ‘Time Management’ is a great skill. Well, I guess I am blessed a little with those skills. Assignments, projects, reports, case studies, etc. have become 70% of my life here at hostel. Remaining is occupied by YouTube videos, movies, food, other stuffs. Here other stuffs means gossiping, laughing at the petty jokes, talking with my favourite persons which by the way, are two, and having awesome chat with my cool roommate. I would also like to add that the only good thing had happened to me here since the day of my admission is sharing the room with a good roommate. Let me take you through my daily schedule. Waking up in the morning 6.30 am. is first impossible task. As usual with three alarms, I would wake up around 7.00 am. All the morning duties takes me 30 minutes to finish. After bathing, it takes 15-20 minutes to get ready and packing, arranging my bed takes another 10 minutes. Running to the mess, having that ‘yuck’ food and rushing to the class digests my breakfast.All those classes sucks up my remaining energy that was saved from lunch and snacks.Mostly the classes will get over by 7.30 pm. in night. I’ll stay there for some personal reasons and walk to mess for dinner around 8.15 pm. Back to room and having spend no time to relax, I have to take up my homework. Not to mention the one teacher who literally uses to torture us in the name of “you-are-a-MBA-student”. Who says we aren’t MBA students! Does that mean that we should not enjoy even 2 hours of our 24 hours life. Also its bad thing to sleep for more than 5 hours a day. Thanks to the teacher and those words of wisdom, I am now sleeping for 3-4 hours a day. If my brain cells gets depleted or my life span decreases, then its no one to blame. And if this continues to happen how could you say to think bigger when I can’t plan 2 minutes of a day of my life.

Having big aims means making huge sacrifices. Now I am willing to make sacrifices. Already I have took a break from my fantasies which was my world till last year (times you don’t know what the world would be like when you are in pursuit of your own life without your parents). Transforming my pleasures into productive things. Living away from my home. Growing up. Getting pushed back each time I am willing to get up. Not surprised of lies around me. Staying put even though someone hurts you largely. Loving someone. Caring for few. Talking less. Dreaming about love. Sleeping a little. These all were new to me when I entered the real world.

Pushing myself harder sometimes makes me laugh when I think them like- my mind as the Commando and its like, “Do the case study questions and prepare the presentation slides” and I am like, “Yes, sir”. I am sure I can achieve anything once I put my heart and soul into it. Also I need break for sometime to get me back on track. This helps me freshen up and keeps me fully charged for days. Thus making me think massive.

So what I am trying to say is that…

“God, give me a BREAK!”


3 thoughts on “I am not a massive thinker!

  1. My Dear,Chum,Buddy…..U are a massive thinker….U can Create a new world…with this 3-4 hours Sleep-a-day….

    Nobody give U a BREAK….We need to take over….
    Like Your post…..Which gives ME emoijs…break in my face…Tats makes u a success which equal to making 10 case study presentations….eeee

    Am Waiting for ur next Break…
    Take it soon


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