My Journey Started

Fear crept over me. “The Office-life” was like some years to go when I entered my first college. But now I am doing internship in Karvy. Time runs so fast. All I wish is that I should be ready for my retirement years without any regrets from my past. So I have to work hard towards my ambition and passion and also find time to enjoy the life with my loved ones.

Finding time for one selves became hard in this metro lifestyle. People get caught up with their job and money-making motives. What they fail to realize is the life beyond money, material and fame. Office web had tied every people away from their life making them oblivious of real life. Yet some manage to escape them. These people split their life into two, one for others and other part for themselves. Part that lives for others contains the pieces of office, family, relationships and other acquaintances. Part that lives for one selves contains the pieces of following one’s ambition, enjoy doing one’s passion, love life, spending time to make themselves happy, etc. I wish I want to be the latter type of people, who live for them and for others. By living such a life I guess I wont regret things I haven’t done during my healthy life.So I don’t get trapped in “Office-life” which I fear I might. Wishing myself and others all the best to have a Real Life.