A real treasure hunt

I have not slept properly for days. My irregular sleeping schedules have increased exponentially since I began my management studies. Even when I try to sleep, my mind doesn’t rests. It will start to make list of items that I have finished and things that I have to complete yet.My happiness is when I find my long, peaceful sleep.

Among the sleeping clouds

Still awake and sharp eyes

Searching for the clues in the dark

Where the giant mountain lies.

The swoosh of her silver sword

Sending every birds to flight

Though she has a map with her

She doesn’t know the way through night.

People join her on the treasure hunt

Rumors on the air sounds good

Yet many lost their way in the wood.

Some managed to find it at last

Only when man above them

Finds worthiness in them and blesses all.

Every man tries to run behind something or the other loosing their sleep. Those who work hard knows the value of sleep. After days and hours of work, sleep is the fruit of his labor. Nothing is more heavenly than a sleep after a hard earned success. Better make sure what you’re running behind is worth loosing the sleep. If at all, at one point in your life, when you turn back, you will not find yourself worthy enough to enjoy your final moments.That moment is were even your sleep will be hostile. The hunt for this treasure will never end. The man above us knows who has earned the treasure and when to give. Until then lets work hard to impress him.



One thought on “A real treasure hunt

  1. Ragavi Am soo happy for u..!! This is a good start from you..All the very best my dear..!! Let success always follow you and God bless you always da..!! The lines from you are filled with awesomeness..Keep going Ragavi… !!!


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