Behind Every Successful Woman There Is A Man

Just a funny imagination. What if the man takes the woman’s place in household? I can see you smiling and wondering whether I have become mad. Hare yar! I am a woman. Why can’t I think like that! If you think I am crazy, then Mr. Balki is also crazy for writing and directing such a wonderful movie, Ki & Ka. I am dumbfounded watching that movie. Every scene in that movie never failed to amuse me, till the end. I felt like living in another world where the roles of the men and women were swapped.

The female character name is Kiya. She is marketing manager at Saffola. Her dream is to be the best at what she does. Just like most of the girls she does not likes to sit at the house, playing ‘housewife’ role. And our handsome male character is Kabir. He loves his mother more than anyone in the world. That made him to choose a life which his mom was living before, as the ‘househusband’. I know this sounds strange but being a ‘househusband’ takes lot of courage and not a single man will accept this.

The story starts with a wedding of Kiya’s friend. Kiya was so unhappy for her friend for getting married. In her terms, women are just a pillar for the whole building that their husband is going to build around. Well, who is going to look for a pillar when the beautiful building is standing tall. Then she meets Kabir on a plane to Delhi. She comes to know about him. Our hero is the son of the owner of  the successful construction company of the state. Kabir is so stubborn in not undertaking his father’s business after him. He is so clear with his future. He wants to be like his mom. Kabir and Kiya’s goals compliments each other. They both fall in love. And they get married. Kabir stays in home and looks after every household chores while Kiya goes to office and earns for living. Though Kabir’s father doesn’t likes his son to live under a woman’s shadow, Kiya’s mother supports them. Slowly, everyone comes to know about Kabir and Kiya. Kiya becomes successful in her department and gets promoted to Vice President of the marketing department. Once in an interview, she tells the whole world about her husband that without him looking after the household, nothing would be possible for her. So the attention turns to her husband. Kabir was invited for an interview, cooking shows, television debates. Kiya becomes jealous of her husband. She couldn’t handle this jealousy and her anger builds. One day, Kiya’s mother becomes unwell and her mother couldn’t reach Kabir because he was having dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Bachan, the famous bollywood actors. Kiya was on a business trip and knowing this she has to rush to the hospital and finds Kabir was still not there. She outbursts. Later she understands her mistake and ‘they live happily ever after…’

This story emphasis that the discrimination is only between one who looks after household and the one who earns. Men and Women are not different. It’s not written in Manu’ script that one who is born as woman is destined to live her life off in kitchen. She is not meant to rust off doing household chores. She is destined to choose her own destiny. The greatest gift a man can give a woman is recognition, not appreciation. Man, should not only care but should also share. If you think this building is beautiful because of your hard earned money. Rethink! This building of yours is as strong as the pillar on which it was built.

It’s not the problem between husband-wife; man-woman; homemaker-breadwinner; he-she.

Nobody will look at supporting actor while they enjoy the real movie eating popcorn. We are all human being. Only known for our wrong doings. But what makes us beautiful is that when we see the goodness in our fellow souls. Be proud of what we are of. Don’t discriminate by what we do. Even the extinction of the moth species will kill the whole man kind.

I had an amazing time watching this movie. Hope you all enjoy it. This movie doesn’t brings the impossible into story. Rather it wonders what if man is recruited as ‘househusband’… ;p A dramatic term though.


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