Lazy Sunday Afternoons

Laziness is the most powerful negative word for achievers. But when it comes on Sunday, nobody can resist from lying down on your bed, wondering aimlessly and watching the fan rotate above your head. The happiness is when you have a movie to watch, mini canteen at hand-reachable distance, a sofa to rest and air conditioner at 20 degree Celsius. Nothing equals to such an environment. When Saturday night is dedicated to parties, dances- everything at hyper mode, Sunday is dedicated to things at turtle-mode.

Working in an office means having a long weekdays, running behind time, making charts for company presentations, meeting the deadlines, completing your weekly report, checking at your lists whether you have completed all before the weekend or at least most of it and in between finding time for your family. If you are a student, eating half breakfasts, running to the classes at the last minute, confusing the timing of finance classes with marketing classes, swearing at yourself if you have done things wrong even when you know the correct way to do it (this happens almost every  time), finding time to read newspaper and other books, presentations, homework, reports submission and also catching time to watch YouTube videos or movie.

And at last, “Phew!!! Weekend came. Sunday came”. Too lazy to get out of the bed to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Anyway we should have to survive the next week. We may have some pleasant Sundays at home. Food is there whenever you reach out. If you are staying in a hostel, you have to run to mess three times a day. Make sure you have snacks because not all the time you will get delicious menus on your plate. Or else accept fasting and say “Om Shree Ram”. At least you will get the almighty to hear you and bless you with a share of neighbors’ snacks.

So Sundays are wonderful when we are staying at home. It’s a another weekday if you are in a hostel.

Hence, proved ;P


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