Those 20 months to turn back

These 20 months, life has taught me many lessons. It seems like yesterday when it all started. Time went faster here than anyone could imagine. When I first entered this college, I never dreamed that this part of life will have huge impact in life. My perception about this world was turned upside down. Things I imagined that might get horrible, only got better and things that could’ve gone by the end of the studies are going to stay with me forever. Things that might have been the least priority in my life, now became my goal.

Love, hatred, betrayal, anger, fear, responsibilities, failure, etc. My life had tasted almost all the moments. Whenever I was turned down all I could do is sit and cry alone. I thought no one can see what I am going through. But each time I get lost myself there was someone to pick me up and put me back on the track. As time passed, I became less interested in relationships and socializing. When we realize that we are not at the place of our life where we’re supposed to be at that particular time, we get depressed and least cared about others and what they think. I became alone. Solitude gave peace. Yet that person never gave up on me. Whatever might be the problem, whom ever be wrong, that person never left me alone.  If it weren’t for the few persons, life would’ve been a hell. Once I got placed in a company, it felt like something lifted off my shoulders. Things got better. Only waiting for that person to get placed. Wish everyone close to me get placed before my birthday.

It might only take a minute or two to change a person. In my case, it took two years to change me into someone new and stranger to this world. Yet old-me resides somewhere in my heart. Only the person I love knows it very well. Let that person find it…