Back to the old-me

Packed the things. Such a tiresome work but amazingly finished it within two hours. Heard short stories of my neighbors’ sons’ and daughters’ life. Bags and bags of advises were also packed along with my clothes and other accessories. Gave my house a final look with tearful eyes. Traveled the same road to reach the same destination. Carried the luggage to my room where I am going to stay for another one year. Arranged every items to the place where they were occupying the previous year in last room. And here I am, back to the Military Basement.

It’s been two months since I vacated this hostel. Those two months were cream on my cake. Past year taught me the worth of home. The pleasures of home felt like oasis in desert. Laziness, long sleep, late night movies, endless supply of snacks defined my two months stay in my home. Learning new topics, talking with business people, hearing lessons from investors, friendly employees in the company, crunchy biscuit breaks, 24 hours ETNOW channel, working along and helping other employees in the company made me look all matured and growing old which defined my internship life.

I don’t know how fast this two months went but it finally landed me on the planet where I never wanted to land again. And now I feel like Katniss Everdeen from Catching fire where her life was defined by the President of the Capital, Mr. Snow. Yet she managed to save herself, but almost lost her friend in the real-life game arena planned by the president which was far worse than the hunger games they won the previous year. Imagine President Snow as the Dean, myself as Katniss and my academics as Peeta. What my Dean have to say if it was a Catching Fire story; he says,”Convince me, Katniss. Convince me that you love Peeta. You are madly in love with him. Or else you’d be cause for the great outbreak of protests in districts. For which your family will suffer”. Only here my placement and internals mark are at stake. Now I have to sacrifice everything for Peeta and convince everybody that I crazily love him. All I have to do is run into the arena (my MBA degree), play the game of the President and save Peeta and convince the audience of our love so that I’ll get some sponsors (job offers).

So this will be my story, only this time I’ll work really hard to win the game for many souls who are expecting me to do.


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