It’s all about a story that made me cry

Men and women are bound to love. Even the tough-hearten souls might have once fallen in love before they became whatever they are. Love between two holy bodies becomes divine. You might be wondering what love story that I have read made me to talk in clichés. The story I read is not about love. It is about a holy war fought by the fictitious character, the protagonist, who is also the famous mythological character, Shiva. The novel is Shiva Trilogy: Immortals Of Meluha, The Secret of Nagas and the Oath Of Vayuputras. The novel was written by Amish. Though the characters are fictitious, they represent the real gods from the Hindu mythology. The way the story was said, it made me feel like I was in the story as one among them. I started to relate the story with the people of my life. I felt most connected with the story. The moment when I completed the first book, I fell in love with the character Shiva as well as the god, Sivan. One cannot put the book down in the middle. And to the second book, it taught me the moral that we have all learnt during our childhood days, not to believe in anything you hear unless you see it and also you double check it by yourself. The third book was the most amazing of all and most emotional. Whatever we think is good for the society need not be good. Morale varies with human minds. What you think as evil may be considered to be good by some people. If you think you are right then prove it. Prove it an ethical way. The third book contains the treasures of my culture. It talks about how the war in India is fought. How brave are the soldiers. How brilliantly strategies are planned with minimum bloodshed. The characters in the books are infused with the characters of the Hindu gods which most of the time gave me goose bumps reading them. I don’t think anyone could have ever portrayed the love between Shiva and Sati like the author did (as far as I read). Like I said before, it was divine. I really want the story to continue for six to seven books like Harry Potter or Sherlock Holmes. This book gave me a peculiar experience. I felt angry, hatred, sad, frighten, loved, etc. all at the same time. And at the end, the story made me cry when Sati parted with Shiva, mortally. The books had all emotions packed as a combo. I don’t know how to put this but the story made me proud to read about my country’s cultural legacy.


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