It’s all about a story that made me cry

Men and women are bound to love. Even the tough-hearten souls might have once fallen in love before they became whatever they are. Love between two holy bodies becomes divine. You might be wondering what love story that I have read made me to talk in clichés. The story I read is not about love. It is about a holy war fought by the fictitious character, the protagonist, who is also the famous mythological character, Shiva. The novel is Shiva Trilogy: Immortals Of Meluha, The Secret of Nagas and the Oath Of Vayuputras. The novel was written by Amish. Though the characters are fictitious, they represent the real gods from the Hindu mythology. The way the story was said, it made me feel like I was in the story as one among them. I started to relate the story with the people of my life. I felt most connected with the story. The moment when I completed the first book, I fell in love with the character Shiva as well as the god, Sivan. One cannot put the book down in the middle. And to the second book, it taught me the moral that we have all learnt during our childhood days, not to believe in anything you hear unless you see it and also you double check it by yourself. The third book was the most amazing of all and most emotional. Whatever we think is good for the society need not be good. Morale varies with human minds. What you think as evil may be considered to be good by some people. If you think you are right then prove it. Prove it an ethical way. The third book contains the treasures of my culture. It talks about how the war in India is fought. How brave are the soldiers. How brilliantly strategies are planned with minimum bloodshed. The characters in the books are infused with the characters of the Hindu gods which most of the time gave me goose bumps reading them. I don’t think anyone could have ever portrayed the love between Shiva and Sati like the author did (as far as I read). Like I said before, it was divine. I really want the story to continue for six to seven books like Harry Potter or Sherlock Holmes. This book gave me a peculiar experience. I felt angry, hatred, sad, frighten, loved, etc. all at the same time. And at the end, the story made me cry when Sati parted with Shiva, mortally. The books had all emotions packed as a combo. I don’t know how to put this but the story made me proud to read about my country’s cultural legacy.


Back to the old-me

Packed the things. Such a tiresome work but amazingly finished it within two hours. Heard short stories of my neighbors’ sons’ and daughters’ life. Bags and bags of advises were also packed along with my clothes and other accessories. Gave my house a final look with tearful eyes. Traveled the same road to reach the same destination. Carried the luggage to my room where I am going to stay for another one year. Arranged every items to the place where they were occupying the previous year in last room. And here I am, back to the Military Basement.

It’s been two months since I vacated this hostel. Those two months were cream on my cake. Past year taught me the worth of home. The pleasures of home felt like oasis in desert. Laziness, long sleep, late night movies, endless supply of snacks defined my two months stay in my home. Learning new topics, talking with business people, hearing lessons from investors, friendly employees in the company, crunchy biscuit breaks, 24 hours ETNOW channel, working along and helping other employees in the company made me look all matured and growing old which defined my internship life.

I don’t know how fast this two months went but it finally landed me on the planet where I never wanted to land again. And now I feel like Katniss Everdeen from Catching fire where her life was defined by the President of the Capital, Mr. Snow. Yet she managed to save herself, but almost lost her friend in the real-life game arena planned by the president which was far worse than the hunger games they won the previous year. Imagine President Snow as the Dean, myself as Katniss and my academics as Peeta. What my Dean have to say if it was a Catching Fire story; he says,”Convince me, Katniss. Convince me that you love Peeta. You are madly in love with him. Or else you’d be cause for the great outbreak of protests in districts. For which your family will suffer”. Only here my placement and internals mark are at stake. Now I have to sacrifice everything for Peeta and convince everybody that I crazily love him. All I have to do is run into the arena (my MBA degree), play the game of the President and save Peeta and convince the audience of our love so that I’ll get some sponsors (job offers).

So this will be my story, only this time I’ll work really hard to win the game for many souls who are expecting me to do.

Those 20 months to turn back

These 20 months, life has taught me many lessons. It seems like yesterday when it all started. Time went faster here than anyone could imagine. When I first entered this college, I never dreamed that this part of life will have huge impact in life. My perception about this world was turned upside down. Things I imagined that might get horrible, only got better and things that could’ve gone by the end of the studies are going to stay with me forever. Things that might have been the least priority in my life, now became my goal.

Love, hatred, betrayal, anger, fear, responsibilities, failure, etc. My life had tasted almost all the moments. Whenever I was turned down all I could do is sit and cry alone. I thought no one can see what I am going through. But each time I get lost myself there was someone to pick me up and put me back on the track. As time passed, I became less interested in relationships and socializing. When we realize that we are not at the place of our life where we’re supposed to be at that particular time, we get depressed and least cared about others and what they think. I became alone. Solitude gave peace. Yet that person never gave up on me. Whatever might be the problem, whom ever be wrong, that person never left me alone.  If it weren’t for the few persons, life would’ve been a hell. Once I got placed in a company, it felt like something lifted off my shoulders. Things got better. Only waiting for that person to get placed. Wish everyone close to me get placed before my birthday.

It might only take a minute or two to change a person. In my case, it took two years to change me into someone new and stranger to this world. Yet old-me resides somewhere in my heart. Only the person I love knows it very well. Let that person find it…

Lazy Sunday Afternoons

Laziness is the most powerful negative word for achievers. But when it comes on Sunday, nobody can resist from lying down on your bed, wondering aimlessly and watching the fan rotate above your head. The happiness is when you have a movie to watch, mini canteen at hand-reachable distance, a sofa to rest and air conditioner at 20 degree Celsius. Nothing equals to such an environment. When Saturday night is dedicated to parties, dances- everything at hyper mode, Sunday is dedicated to things at turtle-mode.

Working in an office means having a long weekdays, running behind time, making charts for company presentations, meeting the deadlines, completing your weekly report, checking at your lists whether you have completed all before the weekend or at least most of it and in between finding time for your family. If you are a student, eating half breakfasts, running to the classes at the last minute, confusing the timing of finance classes with marketing classes, swearing at yourself if you have done things wrong even when you know the correct way to do it (this happens almost every  time), finding time to read newspaper and other books, presentations, homework, reports submission and also catching time to watch YouTube videos or movie.

And at last, “Phew!!! Weekend came. Sunday came”. Too lazy to get out of the bed to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Anyway we should have to survive the next week. We may have some pleasant Sundays at home. Food is there whenever you reach out. If you are staying in a hostel, you have to run to mess three times a day. Make sure you have snacks because not all the time you will get delicious menus on your plate. Or else accept fasting and say “Om Shree Ram”. At least you will get the almighty to hear you and bless you with a share of neighbors’ snacks.

So Sundays are wonderful when we are staying at home. It’s a another weekday if you are in a hostel.

Hence, proved ;P

July 31st is National Cotton Candy Day — Foodimentary – National Food Holidays

Five Food Finds about Cotton Candy: Cotton candy was originally called fairy floss. Cotton candy contains only one ingredient: sugar. The process by which cotton candy is made has been around for over 100 years so chances are you could ask your grandparents about their first encounter with cotton candy and they’ll tell you at […]

via July 31st is National Cotton Candy Day — Foodimentary – National Food Holidays

No child in  this world will resist from eating the cotton candy. The moment when you put it in your mouth, it starts to melts and finds it way through our esophagus to stomach. My childhood memories about functions in Madurai or home town are all tied around this pink- fluffy-glued-to-stick savory.

A real treasure hunt

I have not slept properly for days. My irregular sleeping schedules have increased exponentially since I began my management studies. Even when I try to sleep, my mind doesn’t rests. It will start to make list of items that I have finished and things that I have to complete yet.My happiness is when I find my long, peaceful sleep.

Among the sleeping clouds

Still awake and sharp eyes

Searching for the clues in the dark

Where the giant mountain lies.

The swoosh of her silver sword

Sending every birds to flight

Though she has a map with her

She doesn’t know the way through night.

People join her on the treasure hunt

Rumors on the air sounds good

Yet many lost their way in the wood.

Some managed to find it at last

Only when man above them

Finds worthiness in them and blesses all.

Every man tries to run behind something or the other loosing their sleep. Those who work hard knows the value of sleep. After days and hours of work, sleep is the fruit of his labor. Nothing is more heavenly than a sleep after a hard earned success. Better make sure what you’re running behind is worth loosing the sleep. If at all, at one point in your life, when you turn back, you will not find yourself worthy enough to enjoy your final moments.That moment is were even your sleep will be hostile. The hunt for this treasure will never end. The man above us knows who has earned the treasure and when to give. Until then lets work hard to impress him.


Behind Every Successful Woman There Is A Man

Just a funny imagination. What if the man takes the woman’s place in household? I can see you smiling and wondering whether I have become mad. Hare yar! I am a woman. Why can’t I think like that! If you think I am crazy, then Mr. Balki is also crazy for writing and directing such a wonderful movie, Ki & Ka. I am dumbfounded watching that movie. Every scene in that movie never failed to amuse me, till the end. I felt like living in another world where the roles of the men and women were swapped.

The female character name is Kiya. She is marketing manager at Saffola. Her dream is to be the best at what she does. Just like most of the girls she does not likes to sit at the house, playing ‘housewife’ role. And our handsome male character is Kabir. He loves his mother more than anyone in the world. That made him to choose a life which his mom was living before, as the ‘househusband’. I know this sounds strange but being a ‘househusband’ takes lot of courage and not a single man will accept this.

The story starts with a wedding of Kiya’s friend. Kiya was so unhappy for her friend for getting married. In her terms, women are just a pillar for the whole building that their husband is going to build around. Well, who is going to look for a pillar when the beautiful building is standing tall. Then she meets Kabir on a plane to Delhi. She comes to know about him. Our hero is the son of the owner of  the successful construction company of the state. Kabir is so stubborn in not undertaking his father’s business after him. He is so clear with his future. He wants to be like his mom. Kabir and Kiya’s goals compliments each other. They both fall in love. And they get married. Kabir stays in home and looks after every household chores while Kiya goes to office and earns for living. Though Kabir’s father doesn’t likes his son to live under a woman’s shadow, Kiya’s mother supports them. Slowly, everyone comes to know about Kabir and Kiya. Kiya becomes successful in her department and gets promoted to Vice President of the marketing department. Once in an interview, she tells the whole world about her husband that without him looking after the household, nothing would be possible for her. So the attention turns to her husband. Kabir was invited for an interview, cooking shows, television debates. Kiya becomes jealous of her husband. She couldn’t handle this jealousy and her anger builds. One day, Kiya’s mother becomes unwell and her mother couldn’t reach Kabir because he was having dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Bachan, the famous bollywood actors. Kiya was on a business trip and knowing this she has to rush to the hospital and finds Kabir was still not there. She outbursts. Later she understands her mistake and ‘they live happily ever after…’

This story emphasis that the discrimination is only between one who looks after household and the one who earns. Men and Women are not different. It’s not written in Manu’ script that one who is born as woman is destined to live her life off in kitchen. She is not meant to rust off doing household chores. She is destined to choose her own destiny. The greatest gift a man can give a woman is recognition, not appreciation. Man, should not only care but should also share. If you think this building is beautiful because of your hard earned money. Rethink! This building of yours is as strong as the pillar on which it was built.

It’s not the problem between husband-wife; man-woman; homemaker-breadwinner; he-she.

Nobody will look at supporting actor while they enjoy the real movie eating popcorn. We are all human being. Only known for our wrong doings. But what makes us beautiful is that when we see the goodness in our fellow souls. Be proud of what we are of. Don’t discriminate by what we do. Even the extinction of the moth species will kill the whole man kind.

I had an amazing time watching this movie. Hope you all enjoy it. This movie doesn’t brings the impossible into story. Rather it wonders what if man is recruited as ‘househusband’… ;p A dramatic term though.