A real treasure hunt

I have not slept properly for days. My irregular sleeping schedules have increased exponentially since I began my management studies. Even when I try to sleep, my mind doesn’t rests. It will start to make list of items that I have finished and things that I have to complete yet.My happiness is when I find my long, peaceful sleep.

Among the sleeping clouds

Still awake and sharp eyes

Searching for the clues in the dark

Where the giant mountain lies.

The swoosh of her silver sword

Sending every birds to flight

Though she has a map with her

She doesn’t know the way through night.

People join her on the treasure hunt

Rumors on the air sounds good

Yet many lost their way in the wood.

Some managed to find it at last

Only when man above them

Finds worthiness in them and blesses all.

Every man tries to run behind something or the other loosing their sleep. Those who work hard knows the value of sleep. After days and hours of work, sleep is the fruit of his labor. Nothing is more heavenly than a sleep after a hard earned success. Better make sure what you’re running behind is worth loosing the sleep. If at all, at one point in your life, when you turn back, you will not find yourself worthy enough to enjoy your final moments.That moment is were even your sleep will be hostile. The hunt for this treasure will never end. The man above us knows who has earned the treasure and when to give. Until then lets work hard to impress him.



Behind Every Successful Woman There Is A Man

Just a funny imagination. What if the man takes the woman’s place in household? I can see you smiling and wondering whether I have become mad. Hare yar! I am a woman. Why can’t I think like that! If you think I am crazy, then Mr. Balki is also crazy for writing and directing such a wonderful movie, Ki & Ka. I am dumbfounded watching that movie. Every scene in that movie never failed to amuse me, till the end. I felt like living in another world where the roles of the men and women were swapped.

The female character name is Kiya. She is marketing manager at Saffola. Her dream is to be the best at what she does. Just like most of the girls she does not likes to sit at the house, playing ‘housewife’ role. And our handsome male character is Kabir. He loves his mother more than anyone in the world. That made him to choose a life which his mom was living before, as the ‘househusband’. I know this sounds strange but being a ‘househusband’ takes lot of courage and not a single man will accept this.

The story starts with a wedding of Kiya’s friend. Kiya was so unhappy for her friend for getting married. In her terms, women are just a pillar for the whole building that their husband is going to build around. Well, who is going to look for a pillar when the beautiful building is standing tall. Then she meets Kabir on a plane to Delhi. She comes to know about him. Our hero is the son of the owner of  the successful construction company of the state. Kabir is so stubborn in not undertaking his father’s business after him. He is so clear with his future. He wants to be like his mom. Kabir and Kiya’s goals compliments each other. They both fall in love. And they get married. Kabir stays in home and looks after every household chores while Kiya goes to office and earns for living. Though Kabir’s father doesn’t likes his son to live under a woman’s shadow, Kiya’s mother supports them. Slowly, everyone comes to know about Kabir and Kiya. Kiya becomes successful in her department and gets promoted to Vice President of the marketing department. Once in an interview, she tells the whole world about her husband that without him looking after the household, nothing would be possible for her. So the attention turns to her husband. Kabir was invited for an interview, cooking shows, television debates. Kiya becomes jealous of her husband. She couldn’t handle this jealousy and her anger builds. One day, Kiya’s mother becomes unwell and her mother couldn’t reach Kabir because he was having dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Bachan, the famous bollywood actors. Kiya was on a business trip and knowing this she has to rush to the hospital and finds Kabir was still not there. She outbursts. Later she understands her mistake and ‘they live happily ever after…’

This story emphasis that the discrimination is only between one who looks after household and the one who earns. Men and Women are not different. It’s not written in Manu’ script that one who is born as woman is destined to live her life off in kitchen. She is not meant to rust off doing household chores. She is destined to choose her own destiny. The greatest gift a man can give a woman is recognition, not appreciation. Man, should not only care but should also share. If you think this building is beautiful because of your hard earned money. Rethink! This building of yours is as strong as the pillar on which it was built.

It’s not the problem between husband-wife; man-woman; homemaker-breadwinner; he-she.

Nobody will look at supporting actor while they enjoy the real movie eating popcorn. We are all human being. Only known for our wrong doings. But what makes us beautiful is that when we see the goodness in our fellow souls. Be proud of what we are of. Don’t discriminate by what we do. Even the extinction of the moth species will kill the whole man kind.

I had an amazing time watching this movie. Hope you all enjoy it. This movie doesn’t brings the impossible into story. Rather it wonders what if man is recruited as ‘househusband’… ;p A dramatic term though.

My Journey Started

Fear crept over me. “The Office-life” was like some years to go when I entered my first college. But now I am doing internship in Karvy. Time runs so fast. All I wish is that I should be ready for my retirement years without any regrets from my past. So I have to work hard towards my ambition and passion and also find time to enjoy the life with my loved ones.

Finding time for one selves became hard in this metro lifestyle. People get caught up with their job and money-making motives. What they fail to realize is the life beyond money, material and fame. Office web had tied every people away from their life making them oblivious of real life. Yet some manage to escape them. These people split their life into two, one for others and other part for themselves. Part that lives for others contains the pieces of office, family, relationships and other acquaintances. Part that lives for one selves contains the pieces of following one’s ambition, enjoy doing one’s passion, love life, spending time to make themselves happy, etc. I wish I want to be the latter type of people, who live for them and for others. By living such a life I guess I wont regret things I haven’t done during my healthy life.So I don’t get trapped in “Office-life” which I fear I might. Wishing myself and others all the best to have a Real Life.

Life Beyond Relationship

                       Love starts from nowhere and ends nowhere. Just let it flow until you feel light around the person you love. Everyone comes into your life for a reason. Some stay in your heart. Some stay in your memories. Only a few stay with u forever. And that ‘forever’s are tied with their love to your life. This is the love that has no point of origin or destination. This love comes without any reason.

                       Loving your parents and siblings is nature of every life form. What is uncommon is loving a person who is in no way related to u. If you love them for reasons for what they are then that becomes just another ordinary relationship. Loving them without any reason is a point beyond relationship where you find connected, happy, more alive and contented. That’s the extraordinary part of truth of universe.

Dedicated  to all the extraordinary relationships that the universe have blessed.

I am not a massive thinker!

Things are getting harder. Thousands of thoughts are pooled into my mind. Prioritizing them is difficult than it seems. Blogging is one of my favourite thing. But sequencing my jobs is getting “mission impossible” now a days. People say ‘Time Management’ is a great skill. Well, I guess I am blessed a little with those skills. Assignments, projects, reports, case studies, etc. have become 70% of my life here at hostel. Remaining is occupied by YouTube videos, movies, food, other stuffs. Here other stuffs means gossiping, laughing at the petty jokes and having awesome chat with my cool roommate. I would also like to add that the only good thing had happened to me here since the day of my admission is sharing the room with a good roommate. Let me take you through my daily schedule. Waking up in the morning 6.30 am. is first impossible task. As usual with three alarms, I would wake up around 7.00 am. All the morning duties takes me 30 minutes to finish. After bathing, it takes 15-20 minutes to get ready and packing, arranging my bed takes another 10 minutes. Running to the mess, having that ‘yuck’ food and rushing to the class digests my breakfast.All those classes sucks up my remaining energy that was saved from lunch and dinner from yesterday. Mostly the classes will get over by 7.30 pm. in night. And start walking to mess for dinner around 8.15 pm. Back to room and having no time to relax, I have to take up my homework. Not to mention the one teacher who literally uses to torture us in the name of “you-are-a-MBA-student”. Who says we aren’t MBA students! Does that mean that we should not enjoy even 2 hours of our 24 hours life. Also its bad thing to sleep for more than 5 hours a day. Thanks to the teacher and those words of wisdom, I am now sleeping for 3-4 hours a day. If my brain cells gets depleted or my life span decreases, then its no one to blame but him. And if this continues to happen how could you say to think bigger when I can’t plan 2 minutes of a day of my life.

Having big aims means making huge sacrifices. Now I am willing to make sacrifices. Already I have took a break from my fantasies which was my world till last year (times you don’t know what the world would be like when you are in pursuit of your own life without your parents). Transforming my pleasures into productive things. Living away from my home. Growing up. Getting pushed back each time I am willing to get up. Not surprised of lies around me. Staying put even though someone hurts you largely. Loving some. Caring for few. Talking less. Dreaming about fantasy. Sleeping a little. These all were new to me when I entered the real world.

Pushing myself harder sometimes makes me laugh when I think them like- my mind as the Commando and its like, “Do the case study questions and prepare the presentation slides” and I am like, “Yes, sir”. I am sure I can achieve anything once I put my heart and soul into it. Also I need to take break for sometime to get me back on track. This helps me freshen up and keeps me fully charged for days. Thus making me think massive.

So what I am trying to say is that…

“God, give me a BREAK!”

The Language of War


                 “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself because thy neighbour is thyself; God is in both thee and thy neighbour…”

            Love and empathy are the last words a soldier would think when he enters a war field. Is it necessary to kill a person even though he is harmless? We have seen many wars which had a shocking history of mass genocide. War is a state of armed conflict between countries or between various groups within a country. In war, certain number of people who volunteered and skilled in combat fight against their equal opponents for a genuine cause. These people represent their own community. In ancient days, when there was a war between kingdoms or a group they must follow certain ethics of war. These ethics contained humanism in it. There were various dharmas that were followed by the soldiers before, during and after the war.

Vedas and Puraanas talk about the ways in which a war should take place. According to them a war should take place between the sunrise and sunset. Except the specified time no one is allowed to step out of their camp or attack their enemy. A single warrior should not be attacked by more than one warrior. The warriors who are equal,  i.e. who has same weapons and ride can duel. And the most important aspect of a war is the prisoner of war(PoW)  should be treated with respect and should not be harmed any further. Farmers, women and children should not be harmed in the war. In Ramayana and Mahabharata, war was fought for righteousness in right ways. In the present days, we cannot find any righteousness in the wars but hatred and greed. These two things are killing millions of innocents across the globe. Though there exist many treaties and conventions, still genocide continues without any feasible reasons.

The Geneva Conventions of 1949, after the world war have a set of conventions signed by dignitaries belonging to various countries around the world. The various conventions designed the art of war and how PoW should be treated. This conventions still exists. The 1949 Geneva Convention III states: “Illegal and harmful course of military operations or in occupied territories that are against the conventions stated, shall be considered criminal.” Despite the laws and justices of the country, terrorism prevails in the different parts of it for land and wealth. Terrorists have managed to destroy the peace of the nations in all possible harmful and  violent ways. The laws of war in ancient India with regard to occupied territory were more humane and broader than those of international humanitarian law today. Lord Krishna, in Bhaghavat Githa, says that war is justified only when it is meant to fight injustice, not for the purpose of terrorizing people or greediness.

The world will be at peace only when a common man can walk in streets with peace and humanity. War is not going to bring any crown to the any heads involved. Instead peace is the treasure of the nation. A country at peace and rest without war is a developed nation which also the vision of Mahatma Gandhi. Also a war is not the only solution to restore peace. In today’s digital world there is no time for anyone to think about it. We should know, a five minutes of self-analyzing can transform the world around you. If a war can change fifty ways of our living then peace can change thousands. Bringing peace and saving righteousness of the society are most important promises that each and everyone must take from their birth. Little changes can change a humongous sore in humanity. Though war is multilingual, it speaks through violence at the expense of humanity. Its our responsibility to silence it forever for the betterment of our children.

Getting Started…

“If you don’t stand for anything, you fall for everything”

Getting started is really difficult. How to start? Where to start? When to start?-with these inhibitions, I start this new venture of mine. I love to write whatever I think. Recently, my peculiar talent was given a name- ‘impulsive writing’. Whatever name others may describe it, I love it anyway. That’s what made me to create this blog. I don’t know where this venture is going to take me. I don’t care whether this is going to get me a job or not. This is like talking to my other self. So I don’t want it to be measured in terms of it’s outcomes. I’ll keep on filling this page with my thoughts, neither centralizing it around my studies, career nor my life. I want to keep a record of all the emotions through words. And I wish to continue it forever because not only my inhibitions had put me down from doing this but also my laziness. If you are reading this, please comment on things where I go wrong. That will help me a lot to nourish my dreams and passion.